Honestly, I don’t really see what the big deal is. I think my hubby looks great in panties. I think it is entirely appropriate. He wears them every day, and has now for over a year. I don’t ever seen him going back to boxers or whatever.

Interesting concept. Low maintenance, casual, and a constant reminder of power exchange. 



Making your partner wear sexy satin panties is probably the most common form of feminization. It serves as a subtle reminder of who’s wearing the pants in the relationship. I prefer him to feel that silky smoothness with every movement, to have his shaved balls lifted by the snug fit.

For extra humiliation, stroke him for about 4 minutes, and then pull the panties back over his hard dick. One more stroke should have him blasting his load into that little silky pouch. There’s very little he can do about it once in this state of arousal.


“Just a couple of more strokes and I’ll bet I could make you cream these jeans hard! What do you think about that?”

“No don’t do that honey. Let me take them off and fuck you.  Stop that!  Honey, I’m serious….ungh”

“I don’t think so Kyle, that little moan you made tells me you’re going to lose that sweet load of yours long before you get those jeans off. Are you ready?  Cum for me NOW!”


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