All her thoughts lingered in a bubble of baby pink. It was almost as though she were living in a pretty animation. She knew her behaviours would be altered, she understood her body would be transformed; however, she had no idea he would be able to alter her thoughts, to give them vibrancy, a somewhat cartoon appeal. Even her giggles felt pink. Whenever the little gurgles of happiness floated up through her lungs, passed over her glossy, pink coated cock pads she felt she could see them, dancing like musical notes before her. 

Life had changed so much since she consented to be his toy. They had spent many hours discussing what it meant to be an object for him and she had no regrets, on the contrary. Never had she been so happy. Never had she felt so light. Every now and then she wished she could hold a thought just a teeny bit longer but who needed thoughts anyhow? 

She was an obedient trinket for her Owner. He adored her and she him. She was loved, protected, appreciated and in turn she gave him her everything. 

Life was bliss. Pink, sparkly bliss. 

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