These are kind of silky Ross….are you sure they’re not panties?

I’m almost tempted to keep them on you, and make you cream them in front of me?  Would you be a good boy and do that if I told you?




Tell me Miriam, how does it feel to be sitting there in a skirt with your hands tied firmly behind your back? I’d imagine it makes you feel helpless and fidgety, knowing full well that I’m about to run my hands up that skirt – peel down your panties and finger-fuck you until you scream….

Yes,,,,and I see you’ve already dampened your panties. Such a good little girl!

You’re going to cum nice and hard for me – whether you want to or not 🙂

Now be a good girl and take those silk panties down. Slowly Kyli; very slowly….I want to watch your face as this humiliation takes effect. Then leave them banded around your ankles, reach down between your legs and slip one of your long, perfectly manicured fingers into your slit. Move it in and out, then rotate until you brush against your clit. You’re to keep this up until a small moan escapes your lips. And you’re to tell me when you start to get wet….


He could see her trying to work it out. Trying to figure out why she couldn’t close her legs even after he had entered the room and stood before her. Trying to determine why her nipples hardened and she throbbed everytime he said a certain word that she couldn’t quite hear properly. He watched as her mouth opened and closed as she tried in vain to get her words out.

Her body was betraying her, just as it was programmed to do. Each rush of arousal overrode her brain, and soon she became helpless to it.


You look surprised Kayla? In the past, you’ve told me how sensitive your sweet nipples can be, how just rolling them between my fingers can make you uncontrollably horny.

So I’ll first roll and twist them slowly, then pull and pinch them before putting my lips on them.  I want them hard and hot, and I want you wet and uncomfortably aroused.

After you’re gasping for breath, I’ll have you pull a wool sweater over them, and we’ll go for a walk!