I haven’t thrown out all of his manly briefs – yet!. He still needs to wear them some days – mainly days where business is such that he needs focus and no distractions. We step out of the game and fun on those days. Other days when it is more the usual office work he has begun wearing panties on a somewhat regular basis. He has asked if we could buy some panties that would fit him better as he is obviously bigger than I am and a lot of my panties are quite small. I haven’t agreed to that yet.

I like the fact that he wears my panties, and maybe that they are a little uncomfortable? It keeps him thinking of me. Sunday night I had him come over and after our session I had him go through my panties and we then selected the panties for him to wear each day this week. Tomorrow will be some pink bikini panties with kittens on them and then on Friday a thong- one that is sheer in front, black in color and just a tiny string up the back.

He protests a bit, but when I do a panty check he is semi-hard and when he returns them to me there are always pre-cum stains on them. I ask about those to embarrass him and tell him that despite his protests he seems to be enjoying wearing panties at least a little bit.

I’m sure he will be stretching some of them out too much for me to wear, and I’ve told him when that happens he and I will go panty shopping but until I decide differently they will be in my size.


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