“When I wake you in a moment, you won’t remember this trance. You won’t remember that I ever hypnotized you… in fact, you’re already starting to forget, letting my words slip away, so easy to focus, follow, listen and obey, forgetting to remember or remembering to forget as I wake you, now. Wake up now, darling, eyes open…”

She inhales deeply, an easy smile gracing her lip as her eyes flutter open, remaining half-lidded and slightly sleepy. 

“Melanie looked so beautiful tonight… ” she says, picking up the thread of their earlier conversation as she brings the wine glass to her mouth. He watches her other hand slide across her chest, over her breasts, and then, beneath her, into her skirt to her soft slippery sex. She catches his look and squirms, flushing crimson, and brings her hand back to rest at her side, taking a large swallow of wine.

“Someone’s a little excited, huh?” He asks, chuckling deeply.

“No, I um…” She closes her eyes in embarrassment as her hand again transverses her skin, wandering back down her stomach, sliding into her panties, as if guided by some alien, invisible force. She struggles to resist, but a finger brushes her clit and she whimpers, turning her face away from him. “I can’t seem to stop.”

“No? Why’s that?”

“I, um… oh. I don’t know,” she whines. grinding her hips down into her hand. She whips her hand back, but as soon as it’s free of her pussy, her fingers find their way to her breast, pinching and pulling her stiffened nipple. Heat pools in her stomach and breasts with the realization of her helplessness, and strengthens with his laughter. “Why can’t I stop?”

“I don’t know, sweetie. Why can’t you stop?”

“You must’ve… oh,” hand back under her, stroking her throbbing sex, sliding inside and pushing against the spot that makes her shiver and moan. “You must’ve done something. What did you do?”

“I must’ve, huh? But I haven’t even dropped you tonight, have I?”

“No, I… I don’t know.”

“Oh, darling. It’s just so adorable how easily you slip into trance. Your eager little mind just loves to go deeper for me, doesn’t it?”

“Yes…” she agrees automatically, brow furrowing in concentration as she continues mindlessly pleasuring herself, mind full of nothing but arousal. Impossible to think, impossible to resist touching, teasing, humping her hand on the floor right in front of him, her elegance dismantled into an obscene display of lust and pleasure.

“It feels very good to focus so completely on my voice, doesn’t it, sweetie?”

“Yeah…” Instantly, she feels her waking mind begin to slip away, his cadence and tone lulling her back into that warm, safe and helpless place she knows so well.

“So easy to listen, letting go, wrapped up in my words… but it’s okay, because you’re not being hypnotized right now, are you?”

“No…” She hears her voice from far away, an echo traveling through the tunnel of her blank mind, as she sinks down, so floaty and relaxed, as though her body rests at the bottom of the ocean, gently caressed by the current of his voice. Her breathing slows to a heavy, steady rhythm, punctuated by whimpers and moans as her pleasure and excitement build, fingers still working, faster and harder, pushing her to the edge.

“That’s right. Who controls you, darling?”

“Y-you do.”

“I’ve got your mind wrapped around my little finger, don’t I?”

“Yeah… fuck, yeah.”

“And that makes you so hot, doesn’t it?”

“Mmm… yeah.”

“It makes you want to come for me.”

Before she can process the trigger, before her blank mind realizes what is happening, her body convulses, waves of pleasure wracking her body, breath coming in ragged breaths and ecstatic moans. He watches her shudder and writhe before him, relishing in his complete and utter control.

“Good girl. Relax, sweetie. That’s it. Just relax.” Her limbs immediately slacken, muscles sighing as the tension leaves them, dropping even deeper, totally gone. The aftershocks of her orgasm cause her to whimper and twitch, but she goes still after just a moment.

“Now, when I wake you in a moment, you won’t remember this trance. You won’t remember that I ever hypnotized you… in fact, you’re already starting to forget…”

😉 the-reluctant-dom


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