The Early Days – Learning From Him

He slides the jacket from his shoulders and places it on the arm of a chair. Facing her; the one he is about to punish, he methodically and slowly rolls up the sleeves of his pristine white shirt and then circles behind the silent girl who is beginning to quiver slightly.

His hand rests between her shoulder blades, just below the neck, and He begins to guide her towards the table until her thighs contact the edge. He continues the momentum, so that her body bends forward and comes to a rest on the surface, her hands flat on the table, either side of her head.

You have never watched a punishment before nor witnessed such intimacy or vulnerability of another.

He reaches for her left hand and pulls it to the edge of the table, so that it hangs loosely to the side. He circles her wrist with a strap and continues around the leg of the table, securing her arm there.

Slowly, he walks to the other side, his back to you, and repeats the action with the other arm; drawing her to a flat position on the table, held securely in place, with very little room to move in any direction.

At this point, you definitely notice her shiver, but you are transfixed by the activity and the ominous silence from all present. He takes hold of the hem of her miniscule skirt and lifts it up, resting it against her lower back. His fingers slip under the cord of a G-string and with one movement, rips has hand back, snapping the cord and then He tugs the whole garment free from her body and lets its drop to the floor.

“What happens if you break the rules?” He asks.

“Punishment…Sir,” she responds.

…You jump in your chair at the slapping sound, as He spanks her for the first time. A cry leaves her lips followed by the announcement of the number ‘one’. He steps to the other side of her raised arse and uses his hand to deliver a second smack to her other cheek.

“”Two,” mutters the girl.

He alternates between buttocks all the way to the count of nine, each time her whimpering cry appears more distressed as she utters the count.

This is too much, you decide and you have every intention of shouting at Him to stop as you tense in your chair. At that moment, she turns her head towards you with a grimace on her face, but all you can muster is the mouthing of the word ‘sorry’. For less than a second, her shocked expression lightens and the subtlest of smiles flash across her face before she turns her head back to face downwards and announces the number ten.

You relax back into your seat, as you guess this ‘demonstration’ is over.

He remains standing, gently stroking both of her buttocks for more than a minute, as the redness escalates to an actual glow.

Removing his hand, He picks up a small bottle that appears to contain a slick liquid. He snaps open the lid and pours some into his right hand and then slowly moistens the ring finger of his left hand. Whilst you are hypnotised by these shocking events, this display of sexual degradation has been almost directly toying with the nerves within your clit. You sense moisture is physically trickling from your cunt onto the chair.

He turns his left hand, so that his thumb faces downwards and then he uses his right hand to pull her right cheek forcefully to one side, parting her buttocks.  Slowly, He positions the tip of his ring finger directly on her tightly gripped hole and a tantalising gasp leaves her lips and you watch his finger intently as it moves in the tiniest of circles around the edge of her opening then with great ease he slips his ring finger forward, clearly entering her. As this finger probes deeper, his middle finger enters her cunt and with the upside down positioning of his hand, although you cannot see, you know that His thumb would slip between the lips of her cunt and come to rest on her clit.

Her body squirms with the limited mobility available to her. He slowly drawers his long fingers back until the tips rest near the openings of each entrance, before ramming them back to the hilt. 

She begins to quiver more rapidly, but does not utter a word. He picks up the pace, effectively finger fucking her ass and cunt at the same time, constantly brushing against her clit as he forces his hand deeper.

The sensation in your cunt becomes almost unbearable and you fear you will cum without any actual contact at all.

His pace quickens further and the girl suddenly utters the word; “please…,” followed after a beat with; “Sir”.

“You have permission,” He replies to her plea, bringing his thrusting movement to a stop, the flexing of his wrist suggests continued expert manipulation of her clit, while the further caressing of the inside wall of her cunt was no doubt still occurring, out of sight.

Instantly, her whole body started to spasm and a long drawn out sign leaves her lips.

He gently withdraws his fingers, leaving her to enjoy the final twinges of what looks like a month of orgasms, rolled into one.

The liquid bottle is returned to his pocket and He works nimbly to remove her bindings.

Picking up his jacket in one hand, He slips his arm under her body and effortless lifts her back to a standing position, supporting her on jelly-like legs, as she rests her head on his shoulder, a sheer sense of satisfaction on her face.

As she walks away, she presents you with a wink and a warm smile before she is gone.

He turns towards you, gives you His smile, then his gaze moves from your eyes to the vacated table…

…You have no choice but to stand and walk towards him…


Lucia’s Master


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