“I felt pretty confident up until this point; the second she grabbed onto my package my stamina started quickly draining. She was taking all the control as I was losing it. Her own self-confidence was overwhelming. My cock was feeling way too good cupped in her hand like that and I was starting to throb. I felt a fear that I might cum too early. Fear seemed to quicken the departure of any stamina I had left and now panic was setting in. T

The throbbing quickened, twitching began, my breathing escalated and pre-cum was dampening my briefs. The battle was over before it ever really started and this was nothing new to her. Defeating men and making them cum was her specialty. I moaned as semen came blasting out into my briefs and she massaged every last drop out. This was certainly not the hot ending I had planned in my head, but I greatly underestimated her and I had the accident-filled breifs to prove it”


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