“Damn it, Christie! Enough! I don’t wanna wear these stupid diapers anymore!”

“But honey, you obviously need them.  Look how wet you’ve made this diaper…”

“That’s because you had me tied up all day you crazy bitch! I had no choice! This is stupid.  You think just because you have me in a chastity device you can get me to do whatever you want.”

“Okay hubby, well I’ll tell you what.  If you finish your drink for me I’ll make this the last diaper I put on you. BUT only if you can make it through the night without wetting yourself again.  Prove to me you don’t need them, and I’ll never make you wear them again.”

"Sigh…fine, deal.”

Christie pulled a fresh diaper up his legs and proceeded to watch him finish the cocktail she had brought him …the one that contained 2 powerful diuretic pills dissolved in his favorite blend of coconut rum and coke…. 

He finished every last drop, glaring at her with a triumphant look on his face. She couldn’t help but laugh a very evil laugh on the inside.

Dale was going to be pissing like a race horse is his little diapers tonight….*grin*

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