“Hold still Brandon”, said Stacey in a firm, commanding voice. His girlfriend told him that she’d be exploring his submissive tendencies on Spring break this year, but he never expected this!

Yet, here he was, pants down around his knees & nipples exposed in the alley between two office buildings. He was just thankful it was a Saturday, and no one seemed to be around…. But still, she had taken care to tape his hands around the pole so he couldn’t bolt.

“And now let’s see how this arrangement works baby boy. A vibrator on your hardening cock and another tucked behind”. She made a show of holding the remote just inches from his hard chest as she held down the button.

Unnnggg….oh my god!!! Stop it Stacey, I can’t….I mean it’s making me…..unghhhh…….unggggghhhhh….oh, oh no –  it’s too late!!

Brandon thrashed and bucked hard – then looked down in shame as hot cum streamed steadily into the little pouch of his briefs. The feelings came on so quickly he could barely speak. Soon his thrusts were gently subsiding while every last drop drained from his softening cock.

“That’s my boy Brandon! How do you feel now?” She loved the power she had, and was already planning his next forced ejaculation – at a cute little Mexican restaurant near their hotel. *grin*

“By the way – I just love your cute tan lines!”


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