“Aren’t you glad I’m helping you get ready for work Danny? And by ready, I mean I’m going to ensure that you’re completely drained and that strong libido of yours gets taken down quite a few notches before you leave!”

Honey – stop this, I’m going to be late!

“I don’t care! There will be no ogling of those hot little interns for you today baby. You’re going to walk right past them and stay focused on your work – right? I’m thinking just another stroke or two should guarantee that big load will be running down the shower tiles – and there’s not a chance that cock will harden even a tiny bit at the office. Cum hard baby boy – and leave it all here at home!”

Umphhh….oh god Melanie, please stop, pleasssseeee…..

"So sorry big boy. Go run and get dressed now – tuck your softening cock in tightly. It’s going to get a long rest today!” (grin)


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