How do you feel when I do this Yvette? Do your nipples cause your sweet little pussy to drip and spasm when I tease you?

YYes……….but please don’t stop. I need to be spanked sir.



“There you go… good boy… give me all you’ve been saving for her. I want it all… I don’t want you to have anything left to give to your blushing bride—even if she IS my oldest and dearest friend. 

Now, put your tux back on and I’ll see you at the church in an hour—and don’t forget to meet me in the storeroom after the reception. I’m going to give you another milking before your honeymoon baby – just in case your libido comes back, and you feel like fucking her!”

Such beautiful silk panties – they look expensive.

Yes…yes – they’re brand new. Please don’t tear them!!

I’m happy to hear that darling, then I want you to get even wetter when I snip them off of you.

Whimper – yes sir….



”.. Look how eager he is jenny. Go get the lube and I’ll make him spurt all over your tits.“