“Relax honey. It’s okay if you can’t hold it. I’ll clean you up after…”

She adored his lack of control. She made him as vulnerable as a baby, wetting himself and then falling asleep!


That’s it Jason, all tied up and helpless! And now it’s time for a quick injection. Just a tiiiiny prick into that gorgeous ass of yours!

Then a sudden warmth will spread rapidly over your body, while your strong cock hardens and your libido ratchets up until you’re as frustrated and horny as a teenager. That’s my gift to you – an experimental concoction that you’ll remember for a very long time I’m afraid (grin).

You see, there’s no way to counteract the effects. I’m going to keep you tied up until it’s finally out of your system – but it will mean at least a day of constant ejaculations after I free your right hand – smile!