“There we go baby – step into them carefully!  Then we’ll let you put your pants on and go back to your desk.”


“What am I going to do with you Gregg? You’ve been bothering me all week for sex like some crazed teenager. Your libido is definitely on overdrive – isn’t it? I’m afraid it’s time to slow you down a bit. Why don’t you start stroking that hard cock while I go mix you a special little cocktail. Enjoy the feeling, because it won’t be happening again for quite some time.

When I come back, I want you to drink it all down in front of me, then finish yourself off quickly. Your drink is going to contain 2 of my birth control pills, all ground up – you won’t even notice them sweetheart.

Dana told me she doses her husband twice a week. The female hormones knock down his testosterone levels big time – making him much more docile and easier to handle. 

Best of all – she no longer worries about him cheating on her – as he can barely get it up at all anymore!

 Dana had held up pretty well so far. But Jamie really knew how to work a girl over and the erotic feelings soon started to make Dana uncomfortable

Jamie decided that it was about time that this little home-wrecker be totally humiliated and show the group just what a slut she really was.

Sammie said she would put them on, but drew the line at wetting them. However, those 2 little Lasix pills I dissolved in her coffee are going to persuade her, and will work their magic in a most powerful way! (grin)

She was very upset with me when I told her what I’d done – but I’m really going to enjoy the look on her face when she christens those diapers like a little girl.

Jasmine smiled as she watched her unsuspecting intern start shifting a bit in her seat while watching the lesbian porn she’d selected for her. Now that she’d opened her legs, there was no turning back. She would become a wanton slut who craved constant stimulation to feed her addiction.