Look at the pride on her face – Jasmine was going to resist as long as possible. He smiled as he applied her collar, as he really enjoyed breaking down proud, demanding women. 

She’d soon be cumming uncontrollably while he worked her over with the Hitachi, and that was just the start……..


When Chase opened his drawer, he was shocked to find that all of his cotton briefs & boxers were gone! In their place was a collection of delicate satin & silk panties – all neatly arranged and slightly perfumed.

He had no choice but to put on a pair before leaving the house. She demanded an inspection of course, and grinned as she snapped this pic for insurance, just in case he became too demanding later.

Things were going to be much different now that her man was properly pantied (smile).

Jake was a real fighter. But he wasn’t going to leave here tonight until he’d peed himself in those tight white briefs (smile).  It was always a sure-fire way to bring him down a few notches and keep his macho attitude in check.

I pulled up a chair and starting talking to him slowly (my hands already in my panties). The beers he’d had earlier were doing their job and it was only a matter of minutes……I so love to break these boys down 🙂

Almost made it……

But Axelle was a bit tipsy, and when she couldn’t get the key in her front door – the frustration caught up with her. Just as she moved her hands down, she felt her bladder spasm hard and knew she was going to wet her panties ……

She felt humiliated, but it was also a secret turn-on…and she grinned to herself while losing all semblance of control.