Derek had been toying with her since they entered the highway. Now Colleen was at the point she didn’t really care any more. She needed him in her mouth – damn him!

Pulling over, she was soon to be rewarded for her positive attitude…….


They were having a blast with Jason, as he had volunteered to dance at the bachelorette party. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed a couple of lovely girls approaching with a glint in their eye – and a bottle of oil.

He had no idea what was coming next, but as a sexy little hand reached around to grab his hardening cock – he realized he would be cumming multiple times before the night was done.


Jamie enlisted the help of a close friend to bring her boyfriend under control…..his libido had been on overdrive all month. He was constantly strutting around, slapping her on the ass and feeling her up whenever he walked by. His sexy grin last night had given her pause, and she realized then just how to handle things.  

Three more ejaculations and he would be calm and obedient for the rest of the week …

I’m going to clear off this desk while you undress little boy, then get over here and put your hands together over your head. 

Oh – and you can leave the tight little briefs on – I have a scissors too, and will really enjoy watching your face as I put them to good use.

Oh you are really going to hate me for this baby! 

Did you really think you could continue your cheating ways with me – When I work with your wife!?! 

So here you are, the big strong cocksman – all tied up and helpless. You’re going to fight it all the way, but it won’t take me long at all. Then you’ll buck those sexy hips and blast that hot load all over the floor for me – right?

Then I’m heading back to my place, and you can hang here trying to think of a good explanation for your wife when she walks in that door!