Now that he’s been put in his proper place, I just want to caress his cock until he whimpers, bucks hard and cums in his panties


She was always such a prim & proper little tease in the office. But once that vibrator gets shoved inside of her – little Amanda  will be wailing like a bitch in heat (smile).

Brad had been adamant when he told me he wouldn’t wear panties, despite my pleading. But today I’m trying a new approach.

I’m confident that once he’s lost the battle and blasted his hot load all over these, he’ll be much more compliant when I want to panty him.

Some men just have to be told – not asked.

“And here is where I keep the notes on all of you little turn-ons, the things that make you get hard and helpless instantly. Would you like me to get something out of your file baby, and read it to you slowly?”

I gulped and reached down to adjust my cock, it was already starting to drip into my briefs – dammit!