This bimbo had been well trained……(smile)


Carrie was going to have everyone of them before the evening was over. They simply didn’t realize the stamina this sexy slut had…

Austin was becoming a very obedient husband! He had gotten out of the shower to find the frilliest, most feminine white lace panties laid out for him on the bed. They were incredibly tiny, but she knew they would fit (albeit quite snug)!

That sinking feeling started to overtake him as she approached and held them out for him to step into. 

It was going to be one of those days, and he resigned himself to the fact she’d be calling the shots the rest of the day…..and he’d be doing whatever he was told.

It was Natalie’s favorite position to be in – arms restrained over her head and panties down around her thighs, with nipples on full display. 

Yet she hated how it made her feel – submissive, slutty and aching to be taken.

She was wet, very wet… This man did things to her no one else could. Megan realized it would only make things worse, but her fingers crept slowly up her thigh and into her tiny silk panties.

As she strummed her clit steadily, legs splayed and hips slowly starting to shift in her seat – she wondered if he would get here soon? There was a point rapidly approaching that would leave her gasping hard in a strong, prolonged orgasm.

She picked up the pace, and realized with regret that she was too far gone to stop now. Megan planted her heels firmly, spread her legs wide and ripped her panties down to her thighs………“Oh god, Oh God …..not here, not nowwwww…, no no!!!!!”

The door opened just as she let out a guttural moan that could be easily heard down the hall….

Oh well, she didn’t like this job anyway.

He looked at his fiance’s younger sister’s body and his cock began to firm up, despite his best efforts not to get excited. He’d woken up tied to the bed, and he could not get loose. “Now Rachel, I don’t know what you are thinking, but you have to let me go.”

She grinned slyly. “Now John, you know we’ve never gotten along, and the last thing I want is my sister marrying you. So here’s the deal. I’m gonna ride your cock, and get you to knock me up. Then I’ll tell Susan and she’ll never agree to go through with the marriage.”

“Rachel, I refuse to do that! Why would you think I would go along with something so crazy!”

“Oh John, it’s so cute how you think you have a choice. hehehe. Now lie back boy, and prepare to be taken!“