He was being taken hard by Tiffany. It drove him crazy when he thought about it, as Mark prided himself on being a strong and dominant male. Yet here he was….and he flinched when he realized that that his was cock starting to harden.


Today was Steve’s big test. She needed to determine if her months of training had worked as planned.

He was ordered out of his pants just before they left, then given a very special pair of panties. She stood with arms crossed as he swallowed hard and drew them up his tanned legs.

She reached over, a look of pleasure on her face and re-arranged his package a bit so it fit just so in the tight satin. Steve looked down as she said the words he dreaded….”Good boy – now show me how you wet yourself.”

His cock suddenly lurched and he whimpered slightly as a small wet spot appeared in the front. 

Damn it – she really could make him drip on command.

Damn this man was HOT! She’s had her eyes on him since he walked in to the party. 

Candace absolutely had to have him, and knew that once she got his pants open – his cock was going to be hers do with as she please…mmmmmm



Two hours later, his body exhausted, he thought she was finally satisfied. Then from somewhere behind him he heard the swish of vinyl and nylon as she approached mixed with the unmistakable jingling of metal handcuffs and knew HER night had just begun.  

break him……..and then break him deeper……