Matthew had been complaining that the house needed a thorough cleaning. She decided to give him a thorough spanking instead – and then he would be put to work on that cleaning project.

And just to ensure he remembered this lesson, Jamie decided that she’d like to see his big cock swinging free while he vacuumed. That meant he’d be kept totally naked during his little chore too. (smile)


“That’s a good boy – cum hard for me baby!” She knew what this would do to his masculinity, and relished the thought of messing with his mind as well.

Page had decided that today was the day. She found a remote stretch of beach where they would’t be disturbed, then told him to lie still as she stripped off his pants and briefs. At this latitude, she guessed it would only take an hour or so for his gorgeous white butt to get sunburned. George would find himself unable to sit down for quite a while after – a sure sign of her dominance over him!

There was something about her face – I couldn’t seem to help myself when Erin said these things. I just knew I’d spend the rest of the evening shifting around in my seat at a nice restaurant while she worked the remote until I was dripping into my briefs and begging her to stop.

Kirstie hated him at moments like this – dammit! But her boyfriend had a devious mind,and knew she couldn’t handle those heels for long. She’d moan and groan and thrash around as she slowly descended, but the look on her face was going to be priceless when he turned on the vibe attached to the base (smile).

Hannah was a good girl. On days when he was in that mood, she would often find herself in humiliating positions – and usually on public display. Despite her protests, she could feel the wetness running down the inside of her thighs….