This is what happens when Tyler gets a bit too uppity and needs a reminder of who really controls his cock. After a couple of tall craft brews, my husband was in no condition to protest as I announced that he was not using the bathroom anytime soon (smile).

I loved listening to him plead as he shifted around on the stool..until he slowly gave in to the inevitable.  Sooooo cute!



No… not here, not like this. Oh, but… fuck… I want you so bad. Unf… yes, touch me like that. Make me… I can’t resist you when you look at me with that face. Yes… please. Unh… more. Fuck… I’m going to come on your… fuck, I’m coming.

Our games may have gone a little too far. He followed my directions exactly as I’d outlined in the text, and was nice enough to sit still as I tied him.  But once I finished and looked at him like this, my mind kind of snapped – and I went to get my trauma shears.

I would start with his shirt, then move slowly downward and cut a single seam from the waistband down each thigh – leaving him totally exposed in his tight little briefs…. 

I knew he was going to be pretty upset, so I applied the gag before sharing my plan to destroy that suit….