His ass was mine, and I intended to keep his cock hard at all times.


My panty boy showing me his tan lines in the back of our restaurant. He was complaining about getting quite uncomfortable in those tight pink short shorts. 

So I told him to take them down – and bend over for a spanking before we opened up.

LOL – today was his day to finish some work on our new addition. 

Since it was a hot day, I made it clear that all he’d be wearing is a ridiculously tight pair of shorts that really put his gorgeous butt out there for all to see.

He stayed nice and hard as well – a special bonus for me!

This is my boy after he’s rendered himself quite helpless and ready for my inspection. I must say that he looks quite fine above the knees, especially the tight-fitting little panties (grin).

However, all of that hair on his legs must go. I like him smooth and submissive. 

A trip to the bathroom with a bottle of Nair should do the job quite well. Yes – quite well indeed!

One of my favorite pairs to put him in. I like the pink color, and the way the tiny pouch barely covers his bulging cock.  The thin straps around his waist are a lot of fun too. 

Sometimes when we’re in public I’ll reach over and pull them all the way up so they show above the waistband of his jeans. That never fails to get some interesting stares from other women as we walk thru the room.

Grin – a photo of my husband doing what he’s told! 

Keeping him smooth and completely hairless is such a great way to put him on edge. 

Forcing him to do the shaving just takes it to another level, reinforcing any submissive feelings that he may be having.  

Making him pull on a teeny, tiny pair of silk panties after he’s shaven will often get him incredibly hard.

Hmmm- I  wonder what will happen if I make him shave his legs next weekend? (smile) 

She had a thing for controlling men, and I should have known better when she asked if I’d let her strap me down. It quickly became evident that I was not going to fuck her tonight. 

Rather, Monica was going to toy with me incessantly. After she was done, I’d become just a babbling little boy……..ready to ejaculate all over the floor when ordered to do so.