Long walks on isolated beaches are a favorite of mine. It’s here that I can really embarrass him. Down go his tight white briefs and out comes my whip. 

There are times when I feel especially playful, and cut off his briefs with my trauma shears. They make quick work of it – by the time we get back to our hotel my boy is a dripping mess


I just love our road trips. I drive of course, and whenever I get bored – he’s made to drop his jeans and display that gorgeous butt. He never knows when I might spank him either! Sometimes I order him to play with his cock as well.

This keeps me damp for hours (smile).

This was a perfect angle – and I loved the look of utter humiliation on his face! My good boy was going to be much more attentive to me today, his little butt would remind him of that each time he sat down….

“Just sit back in the chair Dylan. Your cock is mine now – and I’ll do what I please. Unfortunately, you’re going to be feeling kind of wiped out when I’m all done with you!”