I made him stand there with hands loosely tied behind his back while I stared him down. Timothy quickly broke my gaze, realizing that his cock was steadily hardening in those tight white briefs I’d made him model for me.

“Are you embarrassed honey?” My strong, dominant personality came thru instantly as I berated him. He’d never had a woman like me, and tonight would be no different….

“Just stay as you are – you’re not to get up until your cock is standing at attention and peeking out above the waistband. Then you’ll hold it and show me how quickly you can cum – all over yourself!”



Her body relaxes totally under the first stimulation she’s had in weeks – ever since I put her into the first diaper she’s worn since toddler hood.  Now that she’s learning to use her diaper, she can start having orgasms again, and soon I’ll begin training her so those two things always happen together.

My neighbor was such a tease. He knew exactly what he was doing to me…

One of these days, I’m going to jump him and that sexy cock will be in my mouth before he knows it. But today, all I can do is put my hands down my panties and keep watching….

Tiffany was having her fantasy stoked this morning (smile). I made her breakfast earlier and included a double dose of Lasix dissolved into her juice. It’s a powerful diuretic, and took only about an hour to do its damage.

Once she started to show some “symptoms”, shifting around in her chair, etc. – I ordered her to the shower, while laying out her cutest little tennis outfit. By the time she came back into the bedroom to dress – she was holding herself and pleading with me not to do it.

“Brandon, no! Please, just let me use the bathroom and then we can leave…I’m serious…I need to go! Don’t make me ruin this outfit…”

Her bladder muscles had been weakened over time, and I just smiled and told her to pull up the tiny panties. If she had to go so bad, then she’d just have to wet herself. Once the words left my lips, she knew there was no stopping her humiliation. Tiffany moaned and doubled over just seconds after pulling on her skirt and shoes. 

She’d be playing doubles today with very wet panties, and deep down, I knew she loved it 🙂 

Tyler was a bad boy last night at our party, constantly hitting on my room-mate. She didn’t help things either, flirting with him incessantly. He was still hard as I drove him home…and had no idea of how badly he’d regret his childish behavior…..

So today I dress him up, lock him down and make him work out with the Hitachi while I watch! I tell him he has to take 10 minutes at the highest speed, but the little slut only lasts a minute before his cock erupts – still worked up from last evening I’m sure.

This video is so sweet, he really had no choice in the matter. I sent a link to my room-mate too, that should put an end to their flirting (grin).