Show me what you’re hiding Markie….

Oh no! You’re all locked up? Too bad for you, go ahead and show me how hold your little package, you can’t do anything else with it can you?

Now tuck it away and pull up those briefs……you’re going to be dripping into them all afternoon little boy.


Relax and stop talking baby. You’re just going to thrust your hips until I’ve taken it all from you….You don’t mind, do you baby?

A cute pic of Blake during Friday night’s inspection. He’s becoming much more obedient the longer I keep him caged. 

All I had to do was just motion with my hands, and he dropped his pants and briefs quickly to display the fine job he’d done shaving his cock baby smooth for me.  I’m holding this photo and threatening to post it on Facebook if he ever gets too aggressive around me (grin).


Being forced to shave his cock, lock it up, and wear my panties effectively stripped him of his manhood and gave it to me. You’ve heard how a chastized man loses his male swagger and the macho behavior disappears. It’s true. My husband comes home from work every day and immediately starts on the list of chores I’ve left him. I no longer look at him as a man, but more of a maid or even servant. I’ll love him forever, but his manhood is gone to me. I relish that I had the power to do that and I wanted to take it further. I don’t want him to ever forget his role in our marriage.

I wanted him feminized 

Now for us, it’s not practical to dress him up like a woman in heels and make up. He has a real job after all, but I did find other things I could do to further expose his feminine side and deepen his submission to me. I disposed of all his male hygiene products. Cologne, deodorant, even his Dove for men bar soap. I stocked our bathrooms with

COCO MADEMOISELLE soap from Chanel – for Women. It smells delightful and softens his skin. His deodorant? Secret for Women “Powder Fresh” scent. You know what they say “Strong enough for a man but made for a woman” lol. And finally, instead of a masculine smelling cologne (that real men wear), he now applies a squirt of whatever perfume I’m  using. Currently Ralph Lauren Pony Pink. I love giving him an extra squirt on the neck when we have a Saturday night date night. 

Hubby adapted pretty well to the change with minimal griping. His biggest concern was what I did with the nearly new bottle of $80 Calvin Klein Euphoria that he just bought. I told him I hated to see it go to waste, but I couldn’t have him wearing such a manly scent anymore, so I gave it to a co-worker in the office “Rex”, who is known as the office stud and has a bulge in his pants to back that up. I could see hubby’s heart drop. 

“Don’t worry baby – I told him you were allergic to it. He was very appreciative”

Hubby’s reaction earned him an extra week without orgasm – And I now find myself making up reasons to walk by Rex’s desk and smell hubby’s old cologne.