I’ve been living with my friend Jada for about 3 years now. But last year she suddenly announced that she’d be taking more control in our relationship, and that if I didn’t like that – I’d have to leave. She had always had a dominant streak and I admit that it kind of turned me on – so I agreed to go along with her little game. She was really hot, and maybe this would be fun?

I had no idea that what she really meant was that I’d be slowly, but methodically broken down to the point where I felt more like a little boy than an aggressive young stud.

It all started innocently enough one Saturday, when she asked me to wear a Depends over my briefs, and put this belt on as we dressed to go shopping. It was a bit kinky, but I went along with it. As we went from store to store – she teased me constantly. “How do you feel now Alex? You’ll have to ask my permission if you want to go to the men’s room – and maybe I won’t unlock you!” It all ended harmlessly enough after a few hours, but I could tell it really turned her on, and the sex that night was unbelievable!

Well, within a couple of weeks, her little diaper games became an obsession. Now whenever we went out, she demanded I drink up and then pee myself.

That first night I had an accident, she’d gotten me a little drunk at our favorite watering hole. When I stepped away from the bar to hit the men’s room, she grabbed my hands and pulled me back. Cooing softly into my ear, she demanded that I pee myself right there. “Come on Alex – remember our agreement? Do it NOW – no one will know!” 

I was in no position to protest – I really had to go. So against my better instincts, I relaxed and let it happen. As I bent over while it streamed out of me, I reached down and held myself thru the denim…and felt just a little bit helpless for the first time. She had a look in her eyes that told me she knew that too….

Of course, I was rewarded with another night of incredible sex – who was I to argue with this?


After two months of this play – she stepped up the game, and added a bit of light bondage to our fun. I was now being put into diapers on a regular basis, and she always insisted I wet them when we went out. It was becoming a habit for me, and I didn’t think much of it as she kept me incredibly horny at all times…probably to keep my mind off the situation

Jada took this pic after tying me down to a special table she’d set up in the basement.  She’d laid out these white briefs before-hand, I had no idea what she was up to.Of course she had made sure I drank a number of large beers just before…and I was getting twitchy when she suddenly taped my mouth. 

“If I were you Alex, I wouldn’t fight this. I know you need to go! And I’m going to watch your tight white briefs turn a wonderful shade of yellow as you lose all control right in front of me. Wetting his briefs just like a little boy – so cute!”

I struggled mightily, but she was right……I was about to have quite an accident. This was the first time that I realized I had lost a bit of control over my bladder muscles. Weeks of being forced to wet my pants had apparently weakened them  quite a bit. When the fullness in my bladder reached a point where I’d typically double-down and hold my composure – they totally collapsed and I couldn’t do a thing to stop it!

She laughed as it streamed out of me and I felt so helpless as I heard the tiny drops start hitting the tiled floor.

Jada was now firmly in the driver’s seat. She increased my humiliation by taking me out without a diaper to test my conditioning too. Last week, after plenty of drinks, I suddenly realized that I was becoming incontinent! She had actually unwound my toilet-training to the point where I had to rush to the bathroom every time I felt the slightest twinge. 

In the example above, I ignored that signal – trying to hold it for a few minutes. She snapped the pic with her phone as I gasped in total surprise and peed myself while trying to get to the door.

And now she takes lots of pics after my little accidents – and makes me post them. “You’re just a little boy Alex…….a little boy who can’t stop wetting his pants – right?”

I was helpless to say anything in my defense. I’m now to the point that I can’t hold more than 12 oz. of fluid without just letting go – – no matter where I am or what I’m wearing!

She delights in my predicament. In the rare case where I do make it to the bathroom in time, she demands that I keep my briefs on and pee them right there. Then she giggles and snaps another shot for her collection…..

I’m feeling increasingly owned…and incredibly helpless.

This is what happened to me last night. She dared me to to try going out without a diaper, and of course I took the bait. “Such a strong man, you certainly don’t need to wear diapers anymore – right Alex?”

Two hours later I felt the warning signs and got increasingly desperate. She laughed and pointed at me as I rushed to the men’s room, only to feel my bladder release just before I got to the door. I held myself thru my jeans – but it was a futile effort and I moaned as it ran down my legs and puddled on the floor beneath me. 

She took me home, made me undress and then took this picture. I now understand what’s she’s done and that I can’t really go anywhere without a diaper anymore.  I don’t feel like a real man anymore….

I don’t think I can leave her either – not unless I can somehow re-learn what she’s taken from me. I’m afraid this could be a permanent situation and I don’t know what to do. 

Jada just says I should calm down and let her take care of me. Sometimes she sneaks up behind me and tells me to relax and just wet myself. I usually do as I’m told…and she just giggles.


I sent Adam out to the patio in his skimpiest thong, with instructions to lay there until he had a nice deep tan on those gorgeous cheeks of his. Tonight I’m inviting some girlfriends over, and can’t wait to show them his sexy new tan lines!

Here’s my guy with his strong cock at rest in his favorite thong.

I’m feeling a bit mischievous this morning, so he may just end up showing me how quickly good boys can cream their briefs when ordered to do so 🙂

It’s kinda fun when he protests, and I don’t really care how much he likes them…..if he puts up too much of a fuss, I’ll cut them up too.