Say goodbye to your last pair of cotton briefs my big macho man!

From now on you’ll be wearing tiny, silky thong panties. Go ahead and run to your drawer baby – oh no, so sad 😦  

I’ve already cut up the rest, and filled your drawer with a choice selection of colors that I like – yellow, orange and a bright, feminine pink. They’re all quite small and very tight – you’ll squirm constantly when wearing them….

Such a good boy!


Mark doesn’t really understand why his drawer is always kept filled with the tightest, tiniest spandex thongs & tangas I can find for him. 

But any woman watching from this angle will have no problem seeing my point of view (grin)


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That’s it Matt – I want every drop out. Oooohh….I’ll bet that feels intense, doesn’t it?

Do you realize what this does to your testosterone level baby? It drops like a stone for hours, driving down your libido and making you a bit more subdued, quiet and so much more cooperative.

Most importantly, this also makes you far less likely to flirt with my girlfriends at our party tonight.You’ll remain polite and won’t even be able to think about fucking them. (grin)

Yes…that’s right- you’re watching all of your precious machismo stream right into the bowl. I know exactly how to handle you baby.

Emily could feel the intense arousal building inside. Her gauzy top suddenly felt tight and restrictive, raising the sensitivity of her nipples. 

She had to be fucked soon…..and needed it HARD.