Tomorrow is “wet pants Wednesday” at our house (only he doesn’t have a clue!). Here’s a shot of what happened to Cameron the last time. 

It’s a little dominance game I like to play – as I work hard to break him of his tightey whitey habit. This all started months ago when I had a hypnotist implant a trigger phrase which basically rendered him incontinent for the rest of the day once he heard it.

So when I’m feeling especially devilish, I demand he strip for me on the spot – as I do a check to see what he’s wearing. In this case, he disappointed me once again 😦

“Those are very sexy tight white briefs Cameron – it’s a shame you’re going to wet them!” He pleaded with me, then went blank as the trigger worked on a subconcious level. Within minutes, he was dancing around, trying to maintain some control, but it was not to be. I quickly sent him to lie down in the tub – where I could watch him ruin another pair in front of me – I think they were new!

He was helpless the rest of the day – and hated that I could do this to him. (grin)


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