A new toy for Summer – she loves getting new toys!


He had me this time – bad! 

I’m a sucker for a strong, suited man. 

And when that man orders me into my shortest skirt for some public display – I get just a little wet thinking about the possibilities. 

And when he lays out my tiniest silk thong to wear underneath – well, I find myself getting even wetter,  as they fit way too tightly and stimulate my clit.

And when he reaches under that skirt in the car, well………I usually end up struggling thru a strong climax, my first of the evening. 

He says he wants me to be sitting in wet panties all night long…..MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

“I knew you’d enjoy watching cheerleader practice! All of those gorgeous young women with their toned bodies, and tits bouncing? You’d like to fuck them – wouldn’t you Brandon? But it’s not happening baby – no, you just stand here and shoot for me – got it?”

Oomph, stop it Sophie – please! Not here anyways. Let’s go home – OK? Plllleasae…oh fuck – umpphh…no, no! 

Strippers were just sluts.

And since she paid so much for the show, Sabrina felt entitled to play with this boy, making him rock hard and quite uncomfortable. In fact, if no one stopped her – she might just take him down and make him spray his seed all over her hand. 

Fucking sluts…she loved them.