She had made me undress for her, after which she pushed me into a specially made chair, tied my hands behind my back and spread my thighs to each side. My cock was starting to grow with excitement and anticipation.

“Is she going to blow me?”, I thought. But no – how wrong I was! Instead she knelt down in front of me, fully clothed with seemingly no intention of undressing – god, she looked so hot and bossy in that no-nonsense and tight fitting business attire: a white blouse, jet black skirt, sexy pantyhose and high heels. 

Nor did she start touching my penis. Instead, she started talking dirty to me. She told me she knew I was a naughty boy, and that she was well aware of my lustful habits. In order to compensate for my naughty ways, I had to obey her and show my commitment by getting and staying hard in front of her.

She teased and seduced me, and my cock grew harder and harder, and twitched with each seductive word and teasing observation she made. I was embarrassed and red-faced, yet as turned on as I can ever remember being. 

She kept me hard like that throughout the evening, with nothing but her voice, and seductive teasing words. I was totally under her control, and it was totally humiliating.


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