There are certain times when Dylan just refuses to accept his role in our relationship. I’m usually able to sweet-talk him into the cuffs – and after cutting off his clothes, he’s quickly subdued and brought back into line (smile)


Got this GIF from my GF last night.  

Abby is quite a tease, and knows exactly what she’s doing. 

My damned cock stiffened obediently and I nearly  shot off in my briefs….



You don’t need anything except this my big, strong cocksman.. I know it’s hard to stay a good boy, but if I milk you every day – I think that will keep you docile, don’t you? 

And when I reach behind and hold your balls in my hand, you’ll have no choice but to spurt it all out for me – you know that, don’t you baby?

Dylan was so darn cute like this! 

He knew the game – and turned away quickly when he realized my intent. A man’s strong libido must be constantly kept in check – even when his mate isn’t in the mood to play.

 I find that this approach works very well – and seems to expose a slightly submissive side of his personality too – bonus! I always continue dressing as he begins, it reinforces the power in this relationship.

“I said take them down to your knees and play with your cock Dylan – there’s no need to hesitate. I want to watch my big guy cum for me this morning. Do it now, or I won’t let you take them down at all, Do you really want to shoot in your briefs baby?”