“I know what you want Angelica – you sweet girl. Your face is telling me, your eyes are telling me, your dripping pussy is telling me with every single thrust against my fingers. You want to cum. You don’t need to say it. I know you want to cum for me. You know you want to cum. For me.

“But you can’t, can you? You can feel the pleasure, such intense pleasure drowning out every last thought until the throbbing in your clit pounds like a second heartbeat, but you can’t bring yourself over the crest of that pleasure into the release of orgasm. No matter how hard you grind your wet cunt against my hand, no matter how much you open your legs to my relentless fucking, you just can’t quite get over the edge. Do you know why?

“Because I’m holding you there. I’m pinning you down with my stare, my words, the hypnotic spell I’ve woven around your blank and sleepy mind. I’ve trapped your will, helpless on the edge of release. Unable to move, unable to speak, unable even to look away. Lost in astonishment at the unbelievable bliss your sexy body is capable of. And most of all…unable to cum.

“Until you hear yourself saying those two little words. The words you’ve been resisting all this time, the words that will bind you to my will and my control forever. 

“And soon, you’re going to say it. With every passing moment, your need grows stronger and stronger. With every touch, freedom seems less and less important, a distant memory compared to the immediacy of your desire. Until you have to say it. Until you have to show me what a good, obedient girl you are, wanting to cum so badly now, needing to say it to release, needing to–”


“Good girl. Good girl, cum for me, scream and let it all out, good girl. Oh what a good girl you are!”


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