This was by far the most humiliating scene she ever made me play out. We’d gone to the other side of town last night and checked into a busy hotel where no one knew us. I realized I was in trouble when she packed our play bag, and added a couple of extra Depends right in front of me.

The next morning I was put into tight white briefs and diapered, then buckled with a locking belt & given a lasix pill with some water. I laughed, not realizing the powerful effect such a tiny little pill could have on  a man. 

It was only about an hour later that I began fidgeting in my seat at breakfast, as the diuretic began to kick in. She smiled and filled my water glass. “You look a little uncomfortable Marky – drink up baby boy!” 

Within 15 minutes I was at the point of no return, and desperate for the bathroom. “Awww – are you going to wet your pants? Go ahead, maybe you can make it in time….”

I stood up quickly – praying silently as I rushed to the men’s room. Once there, I tried with all my might to open the damned belt, with no success. I felt like crying as the first spasm hit and a quick, short spurt hit my briefs. But then it was followed by another, and another – this time longer. I finally gave in and relaxed…peeing myself completely.

On my way back to the table – I saw her rushing towards me with our bag in her hand, a sly smile on her lips as she gestured me towards the ladies room. My ultimate humiliation was about to begin in earnest…..


Jonathan’s punishment for flirting at the party last night (grin). What would that gorgeous blonde think if she could see him now – after spewing a full load of hot cum into his tight little panties?