Amanda knew just how to handle her man’s big  ego. She sometimes dressed him in multiple pairs of the frilliest, silkiest panties she could find – then worked him over slowly as each pair was drawn down over his cock…to his knees and then to his ankles.

The best part of the game was the conversational aspect. She started slowly, asking him to explain why he had been pantied, and how they felt. As his thickening cock began dripping and soaking the front of each pair – she teased him further, asking him to tell her each and every time he had a little “accident”.

Eventually, Devin was reduced to a quivering, lust-crazed man. Hips thrusting and whimpers escaping his mouth – he began bucking his hips hard, and she knew there was no turning back.

“Are you going to cum in your little panties Devin? How would that make you feel? Are you my little panty boy? Are you? Then show me – cum hard little man, and wet those panties for me!”


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