Brooke needed this, and she shivered as he prepared his plaything for a night of unbridled lust.


He just stood there, daring me to gawk at him, and knowing full well what he was doing to me. 

Ethan was a quiet man, but the sight of his hardening cock as it stretched to fill out the silk of his tight white briefs made me want to scream. I dropped to my knees and reached for it, and could feel myself dripping into my panties as I acknowledged that insatiable need to be fucked.

Nothing gave Allison as big a rush as this!  Hearing Mark’s primal groans a she pegged him hard was just the beginning. 

She knew from experience that he’d soon be begging her to push him over the top, and whimpering helplessly as he jetted into the air and collapsed into a heap – fucked soundly by his dominant hot wife. 

Laura stood dutifully in front of the hotel lobby. She felt totally humiliated as couples strode past, eyeing her collar and her hardening nipples. 

If he didn’t call her in soon, she knew she’d start to squirm – as she could no longer stop from dripping into her silk thong.