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Learning his place in this relationship…..


Always apply his collar when he’s on his knees. For maximum effect, make him loosen his pants or take them off completely if possible. These simple acts  will work on his subconscious, causing waves of submissive thoughts to cascade thru his mind. His cock will begin to swell, and you’re well on your way girl….(smile) 

I’m the alpha in our relationship. Of course, when you’re a sexy, confident woman in that position – the male is always trying to change that. I adore my husband, and he’s got a gorgeous body – but Cody is a fighter. Fortunately, I’m constantly finding creative, new ways to keep him in his place.

This clip was from last weekend. I like to post these little scenes, and send him links at the most inopportune times. It works on a subconscious level to keep him weak and compliant. 

We had come back from dinner, and I’d gotten him a little tipsy (smile). While at the bar, I’d spiked his drink with a diuretic I keep handy in my purse. He just kept talking and drinking, totally oblivious to my plan as I encouraged him to finish it all up. Such an easy mark!

Cody was definitely feeling the impact when we walked in the house. He headed straight to the bathroom, but I quickly got in front of the door & blocked him. “You’re going to do something for me tonight baby, and you may not like it!” 

“What the heck are you talking about Katrina? I need to use the bathroom – get out of the way.”

“Not so fast”, I whispered in his ear while reaching down to caress his package thru his dress pants. He stiffened at my touch, then loosened up as I subtly stroked his hardening cock. “Get out of those clothes and into the shower – but leave your baby blue briefs on for me – OK baby?” The fight went out of him and he did exactly as he was told. His ass-cheeks jiggled as he walked towards the shower, and I saw him grab himself. I’m sure the pressure was becoming quite intense.

When I turned on the camera, he protested and whined. But of course he could no longer focus as he started to dance around – trying intensely not to wet himself. I just laughed, calling him a baby boy and asking him numerous times how he would feel if he wet his pants in front of me. “Stop this please! I’ve never had to go so bad in my life…..please don’t make me do this!”

“Oh you’re going to do it Cody, just relax and show me. You really can’t help yourself – can you? NOW DO IT!” I grinned from ear to ear, locking eyes with him as he panicked and started to lose control. That’s when I saw what I was looking for. 

His eyes turned downward in complete submission, and he sighed with resignation as he completely peed his briefs. It ran down his legs and into the drain, while he moaned and whimpered …”Damn you Katrina – why?”

“Because you’re not a man, you’re my good boy Cody – and good boys always do what they’re told…right?”


Our games may have gone a little too far. He followed my directions exactly as I’d outlined in the text, and was nice enough to sit still as I tied him.  But once I finished and looked at him like this, my mind kind of snapped – and I went to get my trauma shears.

I would start with his shirt, then move slowly downward and cut a single seam from the waistband down each thigh – leaving him totally exposed in his tight little briefs…. 

I knew he was going to be pretty upset, so I applied the gag before sharing my plan to destroy that suit….


Around and around, watching your breath quicken, your nipples harden and your knees weaken. I think this is where we’ll focus your teasing this week. As we continue your training – you’ll soon learn you to cum on my command.

Once you’ve started to rotate your hips, grinding and whimpering – you’re ready for the next phase. I think watching a compilation of girls being brought to orgasm would do the job (grin)….

And as I tease your nipples some more and lightly trace my fingers around your thighs, you’re going to become hyper-aroused and insatiable.

If you’re a good girl, it’s at this point I’ll allow you to play with your pussy. Standing there, legs splayed wide with your fingers churning furiously as you gasp and beg for release – I’ll command you to cum. Upon hearing those words, your mind will turn to mush as you experience a mind-blowing orgasm and collapse to the floor.

Then we’ll do it all over again tomorrow.


Page had decided that today was the day. She found a remote stretch of beach where they would’t be disturbed, then told him to lie still as she stripped off his pants and briefs. At this latitude, she guessed it would only take an hour or so for his gorgeous white butt to get sunburned. George would find himself unable to sit down for quite a while after – a sure sign of her dominance over him!



i wanna live on that street.

Rachel is one of my top submissives. Her assignment today was to keep herself hyper-stimulated until I decided to let her climax.  This was the way she liked to start….