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In her home, supervised masturbation is now mandatory. When Connor returns from work, his house-mates quickly evaluate his attitude with a few critical questions. 

If he’s found to be too moody,insensitive or just acting like a typical young male – aggressive and domineering……he’s prepared for another session. It really doesn’t take long at all!  

After 15 or 20 minutes with Erika and Lindsey, he finds himself with a hard cock in hand – and often a powerful vibrator tucked behind for good measure (smile).

Once he’s drained, his testosterone levels plummet for the rest of the evening – and he becomes the sensitive young man they always wanted.


Kristen had demanded he try on the Speedos in front of her, poor boy. His cock hardened quickly as she ran her hands down his chest and spoke softly to him.

“Go ahead baby, make it harder. Keep going….I love watching you play with yourself. Are you going to shoot for me? Right in front of me? In these tiny new Speedos? Awwwww- you’re so cute!”

“I said DO IT Ryan, yes – right into those brand-new Speedos! Good Boy!”

Dylan was so darn cute like this! 

He knew the game – and turned away quickly when he realized my intent. A man’s strong libido must be constantly kept in check – even when his mate isn’t in the mood to play.

 I find that this approach works very well – and seems to expose a slightly submissive side of his personality too – bonus! I always continue dressing as he begins, it reinforces the power in this relationship.

“I said take them down to your knees and play with your cock Dylan – there’s no need to hesitate. I want to watch my big guy cum for me this morning. Do it now, or I won’t let you take them down at all, Do you really want to shoot in your briefs baby?”