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Devin took his punishment like a good boy. I didn’t care how many women saw his tight little ass sprinting thru the woods, he would never flirt with another woman again! And after I got him home, he was not going to have an erection for a week.

See you in a few hours sweetheart – have fun!


Vasectomy Tomorrow


I’ll be shaving myself bald tonight in preparation for a vasectomy tomorrow afternoon. I’m not sure how I’ll feel afterwards, but I’m anticipating feeling very sore and achy in my balls…a feeling I’m actually kind of used to. I hope it doesn’t make me feel any hornier…not sure I should be tugging on my cock right after getting snipped!

Awwww – too bad for you baby!  Getting snipped is the ultimate demonstration of a cocky male’s servitude. Obviously, some lucky lady in your life has decided to take you down a few notches and ensure no other woman will ever have your children. We like to do that when the male is in just the right frame of mind, and fill your feeble brain with excuses that always seem quite reasonable, like how it helps with family planning, we can be more spontaneous, blah, blah, blah……

But when the job is done – we own you. And it only takes a few minutes!

Shave closely, and use lots of oil. You should be as smooth as a little boy when that young nurse leans over to inspect your cock! I’m sure you’ll feel like a little boy too when they’re all done with the procedure….I’ve heard it can really mess with your libido afterwards. 

Such a GOOD BOY!

You are just soooo cute when you try to take charge Markie! Now stop demanding and start stroking that cock. That’s right, no need to take it out. Just play with yourself and show me how a good boy cums in his pants……

Mmmmm….good boy!


“That’s my good boy ……spurting all over your baby blue panties for me!”

Jake was so easy to handle. One hard cum like this and his libido dropped like a stone.  He was quick to do as he was told the rest of the day. .


Kinda out of focus, but I couldn’t resist snapping a pic of my boyfriend who had just been pantied for the morning. He was so embarrassed as he finished shaving – imagine how he’ll feel when he sees this!  

Thousands of hot women staring at his cute butt in tiny satin panties – such a good boy! (smile)


I wanted to ensure anyone could see Jake’s predicament, and he obliged. What a good boy!


That’s it baby, shoot it alllllll out! I love milking you before my girlfriends come over to visit, so you can’t get hard or even think once about fucking them. You’re a very good boy!