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Melanie had no idea how intense a slim vibrator could be…..carefully tucked away under her tight, silk panties – but she was about to find out!


Are you ready for this Courtney? Have you ever climaxed in front on another woman before?

“No – I’ve never done that. I’m not a lesbian.”

LOL –  it’s about time we test out that little theory. I’m pretty good at converting gorgeous young ladies to the sisterhood – and you won’t be any different.  

So start playing with that pretty pussy baby, lets see how long you can hold on!

Abby knew her place, and was waiting anxiously when I returned to the apartment. 

Legs apart, silk panties stretched tautly between them, and down around her knees. She didn’t know whether she would get soundly spanked or fucked, but the wetness running down her thighs made it obvious that she was ready for whatever I decided.

Hannah was a good girl. On days when he was in that mood, she would often find herself in humiliating positions – and usually on public display. Despite her protests, she could feel the wetness running down the inside of her thighs….