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Benjamin knows exactly how to keep my strong libido in check. 

If he thinks I’m flirting too much at a party, I’m usually pulled aside and quickly brought back into line.


Laura stood dutifully in front of the hotel lobby. She felt totally humiliated as couples strode past, eyeing her collar and her hardening nipples. 

If he didn’t call her in soon, she knew she’d start to squirm – as she could no longer stop from dripping into her silk thong.

“What am I going to do with you Carlos? Such a strong young cock! But you’re not going to have me this morning baby – this is just a tease.”


Sean’s cock was hardening up quite nicely as I put him thru his paces.

I always made him wear nothing but the tiniest pair of briefs when in the house. Windows were kept totally open, and we both knew the sexy young ladies in the home behind ours were truly enjoying the view! (smile)


Are you ready for your performance Anna?  I have some very close friends waiting beyond this door, including two of my past girlfriends. Both of them are eager to make you squirm as they apply their talents to your exquisite body.

And all of us will truly enjoy your ultimate humiliation – a screaming, mind-bending climax that you can do nothing to hold back.




I realize this is against the rules cutie, but you seem a little drunk. Trust me, I won’t make you cum…really.


Emily found herself suddenly aroused – and needed it badly badly. This man would be quickly subdued….