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“C’mon Kyle – it’s high time you got a good, hard fucking! Off with this shirt, drop your pants and briefs – and prepare to be taken little man…..”




After an hour you were finally dressed up and ready for dinner. I decided to add a few finishing touches just  to remind you of your place. You’d probably complain the rest of the evening about your wet panties, but I don’t really care

He just stood there, daring me to gawk at him, and knowing full well what he was doing to me. 

Ethan was a quiet man, but the sight of his hardening cock as it stretched to fill out the silk of his tight white briefs made me want to scream. I dropped to my knees and reached for it, and could feel myself dripping into my panties as I acknowledged that insatiable need to be fucked.

Sara felt it well up deep inside of her as she complied with his demand to take her panties down. She felt herself begin to drip as her pussy anticipated the thorough fucking she was in for – and she loved what she was starting to become…..a hot, wanton slut.

It’s amazing the shots you can get with a good telephoto lens these days! Here’s my neighbor for the summer, teasing me with his strong cock nestled in those tiny speedos.

I’m going to have him at some point, whether he likes it or not.  He really has no idea what I’m capable of (grin).