Brooke needed this, and she shivered as he prepared his plaything for a night of unbridled lust.


Benjamin knows exactly how to keep my strong libido in check. 

If he thinks I’m flirting too much at a party, I’m usually pulled aside and quickly brought back into line.

Umphhhh….please stop that…please don’t …..noooo!!  

Honey, I’m going to cum if you don’t stop now…I’m serious – I don’t want to….not like this……oh my godddddddd!!


Michael was left hanging – exhausted after exploding into a pair of pink satin panties; and covered in oil,

Before the girls left, they called his girlfriend to give her the address! (grin)


Kristen had demanded he try on the Speedos in front of her, poor boy. His cock hardened quickly as she ran her hands down his chest and spoke softly to him.

“Go ahead baby, make it harder. Keep going….I love watching you play with yourself. Are you going to shoot for me? Right in front of me? In these tiny new Speedos? Awwwww- you’re so cute!”

“I said DO IT Ryan, yes – right into those brand-new Speedos! Good Boy!”


Got this GIF from my GF last night.  

Abby is quite a tease, and knows exactly what she’s doing. 

My damned cock stiffened obediently and I nearly  shot off in my briefs….


After just 2 hours in the cuffs, you could tell by the lust in her eyes that a part of her was truly enjoying this treatment. The final test would be in just a few minutes, when Chelsey would undergo a humiliating “panty check” by her sorority sisters. 

If her body had betrayed her, and she was found to be as dripping wet as they suspected – a well-charged vibe would be inserted and she’d be made to climax repeatedly in front of them.

 Only then would she be released and accepted into the sorority. But experience had taught them that many young sluts never recover from the initiation – and find themselves needing more of this for their complete sexual satisfaction going forward.

Chelsey was going to be no different……LOL